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DAY: Tuesdays and Thursdays Beginning in December

START/END TIME:  Leave SDS at 8:30  (May move to 10 in Dec and Jan on cold mornings) Return approximately by noon. Hikes are usually 3-4 miles in length and require about 3 hours hike time.

LOGISTICS:  We car pool and leave from the parking area by the mail boxes on the east side of the clubhouse near the shuffleboard courts.

HIKING LOCATIONS: We hike on defined trails mostly in the AJ/Mesa/Gold Canyon area. Most hikes are within 20-30 minutes drive time. We frequent the Superstition Wilderness which is the area east of Lost Dutchman State Park and north of the Superstition Mountains. The Usury Park/Pass Mountain area has many nice trails.

DIFFICULTY: Most hikes on Tuesdays will be easy to moderate difficulty on defined trails. No rock hopping or significant climbing involved. Most hikes will involve some elevation change, but the climbs are gradual. A list of scheduled hikes will be established and will give a general indication of the difficulty and elevation change for each hike.

More challenging hikes will be scheduled for Thursdays. Be sure to check the information provided for each Thursday hike prior to committing.


 For more experienced and adventurous hikers, some of the group will do more difficult hikes on another day of the week.

QUESTIONS: Contact Jack Carlson space 564, phone 612-437-2235.                        


SDS TUESDAY HIKING – 2017/2018 Season

Hikers meet 8:30 on Tuesdays in parking lot by the 4th street mailboxes.

(We will start at 10:00 in December and January if the mornings are colder)


12/5 Ruidoso, Meridian and County Line Trails in Usery Mountain Regional Park (Park on Meridian)

 3.0 mile easy, flat desert loop trail. (2 hours)

12/12 Salt River Trail - 4.5 mile easy hike on trail near the Salt River just off Bush Highway. We hike near the Coon Bluff recreation Area and the Lower Salt River Recreation Area. Wild horses have been seen in previous years.

12/19 Usery Park – Ruidoso Trail to Spillway Trail to Signal Wash Trail to Channel Trail to Nighthawk Trail To Blevins Trail to Spillway Trail back to Ruidoso

- 6 mile easy desert trails with hardly no elevation change. (3 hours)

12/26 Jacob's Cross Cut Trail out and back Start at First Water Road and hike out 3 miles and back. About a 200 foot elevation change.


1/2 McDowell Mountain Regional Park- 4.5 mile easy desert trail loop on Pemberton and Scenic trails with 300 ft. elevation change. 2 hours. This is by Fountain Hills, so it is about a 1 hour drive.

1/9 Willow Springs- 5.0 mile moderate difficulty desert trail with some elevation change (3 hours)

1/16 Lost Dutchman Trail out and back - 3 mile easy to moderate desert trail. From First Water Trail head, we will hike out and back on the Lost Dutchman Trail. About 200 ft. elevation change.

1/23 Hackberry Springs from First Water Road – 5 mile easy/moderate hike with some elevation change.

1/30 Butcher Jones Recreation Area – 6 mile easy, very scenic hike around southeast edge of Lake Saguaro to Burro Cove. It is a little rocky in places. Weenie roast/picnic after hike. Collection to be made for $6 per car user fee and food.


2/6 Hieroglyphics Canyon- Combo hike with Thursday hikers. 1) The first option is an easy to moderate difficulty, 3 mile hike up the foothills of the Superstitions from the Gold Canyon side. The hike has a gradual 600 ft. elevation change going out and down hill coming back. There are Indian Hieroglyphics etched on rocks at the end.

 2) The second option for the more adventurous hikers will continue past the Hieroglyphics boulders and do a very difficult hike/climb to the ridge of the Superstitions. This harder hike has 2600 feet elevation change,  6 hours, 9 miles.

2/13 Praying Hands rock formation via Jacobs Crosscut and Treasure Loop Trail From Jacobs Croscut Trailhead on 1st Water Road - 5 mile moderate hike with 500 ft. elevation change. 3 hours. Two options – (1) Out and back on Treasure Loop to junction of trail leading up to the Praying Hands, or (2) continue to Praying Hands and continue past Praying Hands on Trail that loops back to Trailhead.

2/20 Lost Gold Mine Trail -  6.3 mile moderate desert trail with 300 ft. elev. chg. traversing through washes. We split into 2 groups with one group starting at Hieroglyphics Trailhead and other group starting at east end off Peralta Road. Groups exchange vehicle keys in the middle.

2/27 Hawes Trails off Power Road near CAP canal – Moderate hike because of 350 ft. elevation change. 4.0 miles out and back on Hawes Trail and Granite Trail. Start north on Hawes Trail and take Granite Trail to Salt River.


3/6 Three Bears Rock Formation - This location offers 2 hikes. One group will hike out and back 5.2 miles total on the Dutchman Trail from the Peralta Trail head east of Gold Canyon l. It is an easy to moderate desert trail with quite a bit of traversing up and down through washes and about 100 ft. elevation change. The second group will continue north on the Dutchman trail and do a 10.0 mile loop around to hook up with the Bluff Springs Trail. 6.5 hours.

3/13 South Mountain from trailhead at end of 46th street which is at the Northeast end of the Pima Canyon hiking area.– Two options – (1) Out on Beverly Canyon Trail to West Loop trail and return on West Loop back to Beverly Canyon Trail or (2) Start up to Ridgeline trail and loop back down to Beverly Canyon Trail. – Each loop is about 3 miles. Estimated 300 ft. climb on Ridgeline trail. Option 1 is flat for the most part with a short climb over ridge at end of West Loop trail.

3/20 Arizona Trail / Pickett Post Mountain – This location offers 2 hikes. Part of group will do a 5 mile moderate hike out and back on part of the Arizona trail with about 300 ft. elevation change traversing down and up through numerous gullies. The more adventurous hikers will do a difficult 2100 foot climb to the top of Picketpost Mountain.

3/27 Boulder Canyon from Canyon Lake Marina – 5 mile moderate trail out and back with about 700 ft. elevation change. Lunch at marina restaurant afterward based on consensus of the group.


4/3 Goldfield - 5 mile easy hike with about 100 ft. elevation change.

4/10 Deer Tanks Trail – 5.3 mile easy hike out and back. Park at the end on Idaho Road and hike north into the Goldfield mountains.


SDS THURSDAY HIKES  -  2017-2018 season

 Thursday hikes are more difficult than Tuesday hikes.

 As with Tuesday hikes, meet at 8:30 by 4th street Mailboxes.

Dec. 7th  - San Tan Mountain Regional Park – Hike Goldmine Trail from Goldmine Trailhead  on north end of park. 5 mile moderate hike with 700 ft. elevation change.  

Dec. 14thPass MOUNTAIN LOOP -  7.4 miles, moderate to difficult, well defined trail with  730 ft. gradual elevation change, 4.5 hours.

Dec. 21th -Massacre Grounds – 5.7 mile moderate/difficult hike of well defined trail with   925 ft. elevation change. 4.0 hours.

Dec. 28th - Fish Creek - 3 miles, difficult, some climbing over boulders in creek. Lunch   after at Tortilla Flat based on consensus of group.

Jan. 4th - South Mountain National Trail – Start at top. 7 Miles, 4 hours, moderate to  difficult, 600 ft. elevation. Has several old gold mines.

Jan. 11th – Apache Leap –From the highway 60/highway 177 junction in Superior, go east on highway 60 for 3.9 miles to the signed Magma Mine Road turnoff (might also be called Oak Flats Rd.), at milepost 231. Turn right (south) and continue on Magma Mine Road (forest road 469), to the right and follow it for 1.5 miles to a parking area on the left side of the road, just past the turnoff for Forest Road 315. 3.3 miles, difficult, 900 ft. elvation change, 4.5 hours.

Jan. 18thPeralta Trail to Fremont Saddle – Difficult hike with a 1360 ft. elevation    change. 7 miles. Return via Geronimo's cave and Bluff Spring Trail. 4.5 hours.

Jan. 25th – Reavis Ranch Trail - 6 miles, difficult, out and back, 1700 ft. elevation change,    4.5 hours.

Feb. 1st – South Mountain – Start at 24th st. trail-head. 6.5 miles, 1200 ft. elevation change.

Tuesday Feb. 6th  Hieroglyphics Canyon- Combo hike with Tuesday hikers.  Continue hike up past the Hieroglyphics boulders with an overall 7.5 mile difficult hike/climb to ridge the of the Superstitions. 2600 elevation change. 6 hours.

Feb. 8thPiestewa Peak (Summit Trail) – 2.4 mile difficult, 1200 ft. elevation change,

     2 hours and Freedom Trail, 3.8 miles moderate loop, 620 ft. elevation change, 2 hrs.

Feb. 15thNeedle Canyon Loop – Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle, continue on Peralta Trail  to Needle Crosscut which is on the south side of Weavers Needle, take Needle  Crosscut toTerrapin Trail to Bluff Spring Trail back to Peralta Trailhead. Difficult hike,  7.8 miles with significant climbing. 2000 feet plus accumulated climbing.

Feb. 22th  – Four Peaks – 5 miles, difficult, 2000 ft. elevation change. 4 hours.

Mar. 1st - Boulder Canyon trail from Canyon Lake Marina to First Water Trailhead – 8.4  miles difficult hike with 1600 ft. accumulated  elevation change. This is a one way   hike, so need a vehicle at each end. 5.5 hours.

Tuesday Mar. 6th Three Bears Rock Formation – Combo hike with Tuesday hikers. The more difficult hike will continue on from the Three Bears Rock formation and go north on the Dutchman Trail and loop around to hook up with the Bluff Spring Trail.10 miles, 6.5 hours.

Mar. 8th - Camelback Mountain- 3.5 miles, (Cholla Trail), difficult, 1400 ft. climb.

Mar. 15th  - Apache Gap to Canyon Lake Vista -  Three mile difficult hike. Some  climbing over boulders in creek. One way hike so vehicle needed at both ends.

Tuesday Mar. 20st Pickett Post -  Combo hike with Tuesday hikers. Difficult 4.5 mile climb   to top of Pickett Post Mountain 1900 foot climb and descent. 25 miles east on Hwy.  60 near Superior.

Mar. 22rd - Wave Cave and up to Ridgeline. Difficult hike with significant climbing.

Mar. 29thWind CAVE  7.4 mile, moderate to difficult. 1000 ft climb. 5 hours.

Other Hikes

Barnhart Trail  - Date to be determined for this hike and we will do it after a good rainfall to see waterfalls and running water in creeks. It is the off State Road 87 (Beeline Highway) near Payson. 6 miles, 1660 feet elevation change. 1.5 hours drive.


Flat Iron – 7.5 miles, very difficult, 2900 foot climb, last 1.75 mile is very steep climbing. Start from Trail-head near north end of Mining parking lot.